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EduFi and IVY College of Management Sciences Forge Strategic Partnership in MoU Signing Ceremony

EduFi, a pioneering player in the education financing sector, marked a significant milestone on January 30, 2024, as it formally entered into a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with IVY College of Management Sciences. The MoU signing ceremony, held at the prestigious IVY College campus, brought together key stakeholders from both organizations, signifying a strategic alliance aimed at enhancing educational opportunities for students across Pakistan.

Representing EduFi at the ceremony were Aleena Nadeem, the dynamic CEO, Talal Haider, Head of Sales, and Zafar Manzoor, Co-Head of Sales. On the IVY College side, the prominent participants included Neha Mudasir, Executive Director, Airej Khan, Director of Operations, and Chief Operating Officer Muhammad Furqan.

IVY College of Management Sciences, known for its commitment to providing quality education, boasts a student community exceeding 7000 across its four campuses in Pakistan. The MoU signed between EduFi and IVY College is poised to have a transformative impact on the lives of these students by facilitating access to EduFi’s innovative Study Now, Pay Later facility.

The Study Now, Pay Later program is a ground-breaking initiative by EduFi, designed to alleviate financial barriers for students pursuing higher education. Under this program, students at IVY College will have the opportunity to commence their education immediately, deferring the financial burden until after completion of their studies. This aligns with EduFi’s mission to democratize education by making it more accessible and affordable. The online application is set to go live following approval from the Securities and Exchange Commission of Pakistan (SECP).

Aleena Nadeem, CEO of EduFi, expressed her enthusiasm for the collaboration, stating, “Education is a fundamental right, and we are delighted to partner with IVY College to empower students with the financial means to pursue their dreams. The Study Now, Pay Later program reflects our commitment to creating a positive impact on the education landscape in Pakistan.”

Neha Mudasir, Executive Director of IVY College, echoed similar sentiments, emphasizing the shared vision of both institutions. “IVY College is dedicated to nurturing future leaders, and EduFi’s Study Now, Pay Later initiative perfectly aligns with our commitment to providing quality education to a diverse student body. This collaboration will undoubtedly open doors for many aspiring students who may have otherwise faced financial constraints,” she remarked.

The MoU signing ceremony concluded with optimism and a shared commitment to fostering a brighter future for students across Pakistan. The collaboration between EduFi and IVY College of Management Sciences signifies a strategic partnership focused on breaking down financial barriers and promoting inclusive education. As the Study Now, Pay Later program takes root within IVY College, it is poised to transform the educational landscape, opening up new horizons for countless students seeking to realize their academic aspirations.