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Zayn VC Invests in EduFi


EDUFI, Pakistan’s first Education Fintech responsible for pioneering the first of its kind SNPL (Study Now, Pay Later) product in Pakistan has recently received investment from Zayn VC, Pakistan’s leading venture capital fund. This collaboration marks a significant milestone in the intersection of education and financial technology, as both entities aim to revolutionize the landscape by leveraging their respective strengths. EDUFI’s expertise lies in delivering cutting-edge educational tools and platforms, while Zayn VC brings a wealth of financial resources and strategic guidance to the table. Together, they aspire to enhance the accessibility of quality education by harnessing the power of fintech to address financial barriers and streamline educational financing.

The synergy between EDUFI and Zayn VC’s signals a shared commitment to fostering educational advancement through innovative financing solutions. This partnership is poised to drive the development of tailored financial products that cater to the unique needs of students, making education more affordable and attainable. The collaboration is not only set to benefit the companies involved but also holds promise for transforming the broader education sector, creating a more inclusive and sustainable model for financing education in the digital age.